First of all, my apologies for delaying to write part 2. I wanted to continue writing here, but couldn’t write another article without completing part 2 as I promised.

Should I blame my failure to write more on the impostor syndrome, laziness, motivation, fear,etc? …

Let’s say you want to build a simple system where people can search for hospitals. Your app needs to request the server for a list of all hospitals and also you want to search for hospitals.

For the hospital object, you would need a name, coordinate(x,y), region its in and…

I work for a company that needs huge data collected by agents in the field. They needed form validation on almost every part of the application to ensure data coming into the database is accurate for in house operations.

As an interning flutter developer, I had to prove that that…

bett dougie

Software Developer in code wanderlust. Interested in Geospatial Systems and Mobile Development

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